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Public Policy

Athens has a collection of political resources that help businesses stay aware of the pertinent issues facing the community. Take a look of a few of Athens-Clarke County’s featured resources and stay educated on the topics of today.



Athena Statue 3

Mayor’s Office

Mayor: Kelly Girtz

301 College Ave.
Suite 300
Athens, GA 30601

The Mayor and County Commissioners are hard at work to continue Athens’s economic prosperity while sticking to the progressive ideals that make Athens such a great community to be a part of. The Mayoral calendar is a great way to view the going-ons in Athens and become a part of the conversation.

Work and Agenda Sessions

Athens-Clarke County also offers a breakdown of the Mayor and Commissions most recent monthly agenda items. In case you missed a meeting and want to view the proceedings all regular, work, and agenda sessions are video documented.


Planning Department

Planning Director: Brad Griffin

120 W. Dougherty St.
Athens, GA 30601

The Planning Department is also a frequented business resource. They are fundamental to the Athens-Clarke Unified government and are key to the development of Athens’s cityscape. Their calendar can provide insight into the changes and impactful developments facing Athens.



Newsletter Sign-up

The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government has over 100 newsletters that are available for preview and subscription. Choose the issues that matter to you most and opt into their newsletter program. Accounts can be canceled anytime and all newsletters are freely open to the public.



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