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Member Benefits

The reason that the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce has lasted for over a hundred years is because of the amazing community that we are a part of and the value we are able to generate for our members. While we are a vehicle for the business community as a whole, members receive unique advantages that are more beneficial now than ever.

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Community Exposure

In today’s modern age of business networking and connections are vital. The Chamber provides a fast track that can help connect or further connect any business with the community. We have a multitude of opportunities that businesses can take advantage of to help further their community standing. These can include:
-Signing up for events on our diverse social calendar
-Hosting an event
-Sponsoring an event
-Participating in our Chamber Champions program


Media Exposure

Apart of what makes the Chamber such a great value is the large newsletter and social media following that we use to promote our members. We’re proud to provide marketing services for our members in a time where even a small media campaign can cost a business hundreds. The Chamber also has a member directory on our website that acts as a search engine for our members. Aside from directly routing traffic to a companies website the Member Directory also helps improve the member’s website search engine optimization (SEO) score by creating a backlink.


Digital Score

The Chamber boosts a businesses standing in the digital community. Companies like Google and Yahoo use a metric called a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) score to determine a websites positioning in search results. When a member’s website is added to our directory it creates a backlink which symbolizes a digital endorsement from the Chamber of Commerce.  Endorsements from credible websites are paramount to any business trying to improve their online presence.


Member Certificate

Chambers of Commerce have been business community advocates for centuries. A membership in a Chamber helps illustrate a company cares for the community it has decided to establish roots and conduct business in. The Athens Area Chamber of Commerce offers custom membership certificates that businesses can frame for their wall or display on their storefront to help convey their commitment.


Chamber Member Discounts

The Athens Area Chamber of Commerce has special discounts with a number of partnered companies. Contact our staff for additional information and how to register.


Anthem's Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare:

Anthem's Chamber of Commerce program allows small businesses to connect and share in overall healthcare savings. Check to see if your company qualifies and join in on a program covered by 97% of doctors and 96% of hospitals in Georgia.


Drugs Don't Work:

Drugs Don't Work is a program dedicated to providing workers compensation relief to companies that instill a drug free policy. Normally the program costs $250.00 annually to maintain but the services are free through the Chamber.


Office Depot & Office Max:

Register free with Office Depot and Max's Commerce Elite program and receive  the member coupon that can provide savings on common items. Since the coupon can be sent to an individuals phone it is easy to take advantage of significant discounts.



UPS has an exclusive Chamber program that gives automatic discounts on personal and business accounts. If an account already receives shipping discounts the chamber discount will only be used if the value it provides is greater. If you want to view the Chamber discount chart click here.

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